What is Cold Brew ?

Cold Brew Coffee is coffee that has been brewed for between 12-24 hours without touching heat. Because it never touches heat the cold brewed coffee is naturally less acidic and not bitter at all.


What is Nitro?

Nitro cold brew is coffee that we have infused with nitrogen gas and which we serve on tap. The effect of this is a creamy coffee drink with cascading micro-bubbles that looks just like a Guinness. We love it!


How should I drink it?

Our cold brew is ready to drink straight out the bottle. We also love it with milk, coconut milk or even almond milk. It makes a great addition to a smoothie and it also goes really great in a variety of cocktails. Oh and did we forget to mention with ice cream? Check out #covecoldbrewrecipe and #covecoldbrewcocktails for more ideas.


Where do you make your cold brew?

Cove Coffee Co. hand brews, bottles and labels in Woodstock, Cape Town.


How long will my bottle of cold brew last?

We guarantee the freshness of our cold brew for 4 weeks from brew date. Look out for the hand-written brew date on every one of our bottles.


Does it need to be kept refrigerated?

Cold brew should be enjoyed ice cold. Storing your bottle of cold brew in the fridge will also prolong it’s shelf life.


How much caffeine is in cold brew?

While there are conflicting scientific reports what we do know is Cove Cold Brew packs a punch! Just how we like it!

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